Why Our Own Grandmothers Should Be Our Heroes

Looking up to someone as a role model makes our existence a lot easier than it necessarily is. It means that each time you are in a conundrum whether or not to do something, how to go about a certain issue or a problem, in any sphere of your life, you have that person who shines bright like a beacon and shows you the way.

There are not many people like this one in one’s life. For many, there is no one like this in their life. But, I firmly believe that anyone should have a role model. For me, it is my own grandmother. And I believe that anyone has that grandmother in their family as well. Here is why I consider her to be my own hero, and I prefer to look up to her than to any random celebrity real or imagined.

In a world where we live in today, your personal image is your everything. However, it can also be easily manipulated. People who are famous can, in fact, be completely different personas in their day-to-day lives. This is why I prefer to look up to someone I have known, met and grew up with. I am completely certain that my grandmother did not pose and pretend and that she was the way she portrayed herself to be.

They learn us from their mistakes

Of course, she was a flawed human being, but she learned from her mistakes and taught me the wrong steps she had made, so I did not have to learn for myself. It is a lot easier to look up to someone who has accumulated knowledge and wisdom over the years and really take all that they have taught in this life and apply it to your own life.

I firmly believe that our grandmothers should be our heroes, because of the things that they have gone through, because of the challenges they have overcome and because of the hurdles they navigated through more or less successfully. You can learn something from anyone you meet, another thing my grandmother taught me, so learn on, keep an open mind and listen to your inner voice.