The Best Health & Wellbeing Gadgets You Must Buy

No, this is not a Christmas list with presents that you must buy, but it is never late to boost your home with some cool gadgets that can improve your quality of life! We present to you the best health & wellbeing tools that you should afford to your home! We will talk about a home air machine, a smart mattress, scale and a few other items as well! Prepare a credit card and start reading this article!

Eight – The Smart Mattress

Sleeping is crucial for our life and to achieve good sleep, you should have a comfortable mattress. But who could predict that a thing like a smart mattress would ever exist? Well, we have it know and it should be part of your house if you can afford it to yourself! Made of high-quality reactive and contouring foam, the Eight smart mattresses provide the maximum comfort and ideal temperature at night! It can track your sleep, start an alarm and even control the temperature! The mattress can keep track of your heart rate, sleep time, bed/room temperature and send all the data to your smartphone in the specialized app. Through the app, you can set the parameters and see the report for four sleep to find the ideal conditions that offer you a comfortable sleep. It also offers high-level customization options and comes at the $500+ price tags!

Eight - The Smart Mattress

Withings Thermo – Smart Thermometer

Who wants to know his temperature in every moment or write down any symptoms that might be potential signs of illness? Withings Smart Thermometer allows you to detect the temperature rises, write down notes, set reminders for medications and store all that for different profiles! The temperature accuracy is +-4 Fahrenheit degrees, thanks to the 16 infrared built-in sensors and measuring the temperature from the temporal artery that is on your forehead. Ultimately, connect it to your smartphone app and have access to the readings all the time. It has also filters inside so you could find specific logs or notes regarding your state. One of the best health apps in 2020!

Withings Thermo

Shapescale – Get 3D avatar of your body

As you know, the change in your body weight is not the only thing in the process of getting better health. Sometimes, pure wright does not give a lot of information. Shapescale is a smart scale that used 3D technology to perform a thorough analysis of your body. After the 3D scan (which is done by a robotic arm that activates upon standing on the scale) is completed, the computer builds a realistic 3D model of your body, with the fat index, lean mass data and delivers all data to your smartphone. The Heat Map feature presents the changes of your body over time by using the signals that show the computer the places where you did lose a certain amount of fat. The Timelapse feature gives you the visual change of your body over time and boosts your motivation to keep going!