Everything You Need To Know About The Hempcrete

Considering the fact that cannabis is becoming socially acceptable in all places of the world, it would be natural to introduce people to building concepts of this plant. As you probably know, this plant was used for various building purposes throughout history as it is easy to grow and it provides fantastic features. Read more here about the latest strains that can improve your health, but do find out more about the hempcrete that can replace the traditional concrete right now!

What is hempcrete?

The term hempcrete is a form of a building material that can be a great alternative to the traditional materials we know today. The core of this material is a core of sativa plant, which is combined with lime and water.

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The final result is hempcrete or hemplime, which is totally natural material that is lightweight, durable, easier to make and offers much better insulation than any other material! This material is used throughout Europe and grown by licensed commercial growers. The growers grow strictly industrial cannabis (that contains less than 0.3% of THC), which is not a psychoactive plant unlike the cannabis sativa that originates from India.

How is it applied?

Unlike the traditional walls where the concrete is used, hempcrete is made a few minutes before its application. The wall cavities are filled with this material and the whole process is much easier than when you are working with the concrete.

The material can have a harder coat on the outside layer to achieve more aesthetics and it is usually applied in the coating of 20mm. On the other hand, the interior side of this material can be improved by applying the lime plaster for achieving better look. However, it can look naturally without it in case the traditional style needs to be achieved.

Concrete vs hempcrete

The very first thing that is different is the process of making, which is much easier when you are dealing with the hemp. Concrete is not easy to make, plus it can be toxic if not handled well. Therefore, the time for production is shorter and the budget for the necessary equipment is reduced as well. Therefore, if you compare the prices, the hempcrete is much cheaper but also better material.

Environmental features

Another aspect that must be considered is that the hemp absorbs the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The hemplime, as it consists of hemp and lime that later transforms into a limestone, therefore contributes to the decrease of carbon dioxide in the house that is made out of hempcrete!

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Should we add that this material fights the humidity, cold and hot air, we can say with confidence that this material is highly effective and sustainable in the long term. The best part is that you do not have to fear of the earthquakes, as the combination of the two materials forms a structure that resistant to cracking! On top of that, it is toxin-free, fire and water-resistant and can serve as the core substance for building the whole building as long as some of the initial procedures are followed!