The Most Popular Conspiracy Theories

Almost any region in the U.S. has its own urban legends, as well as many conspiracy theories. People often believe that government, secretive companies, or large organizations are hiding the truth from the public.

For that reason, these conspiracists aim to uncover the meaning behind some of the biggest stories in American history, such as UFO, JKF assassination, while some of them even think tupac is still alive (!).If you love reading about these things, then we bring you some of the wildest and most bizarre conspiracy theories around the United States.

Area 51

There is no person in the world who hasn’t heard about Area 51. Located in Nevada, this military institution quickly became known as the most secretive military site in the world. We should mention that Area 51 doesn’t exist on the map, or any government website, leading many to make up numerous conspiracy theories.

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Doctor Wearing Protecting Suit For Covid 19

Some think that Area 51 is a specially designed institution where American Government conducts various experiments on aliens and their spaceships. To be more specific, a lot of people are convinced that scientists here investigate the crash of a spacecraft that happened in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.However, the government keeps claiming that they only tested experimental aircraft for the military, back in the day.

Martin Luther King Junior’s association

Martin Luther King Junior was assassinated on April 4, 1968, while he was staying in Memphis, Tennessee. This civil rights leader diet at the age of 39 in Memphis hospital. Even though the killer, James Earl Ray, was caught and pleaded guilty, a year later, some still believe there is more to that story.For instance, King’s children think that killer didn’t act alone, while other people suspect that the FBI or the Ku Klux Klan were involved and that Ray was framed.

For that matter, the U.S.Department of Justice investigated this case on three separate occasions, and they concluded that there might have been a wider conspiracy, but they didn’t manage to find evidence to support these claims.

Bigfoot sightings

You’ve probably heard about Bigfoot, but did you know that there are more than 2,000 sightings across the United States. Many theories surround this mythical creature.
Some people think this is a ferocious beast, while others believe Bigfoot to be a harmless creature that wants to be left alone. Also, some other theories claim Bigfoot is similar to humans; only his body is covered in fur.

Area 51 Conspiracy
Holding Transparent In Area 51

A man named Ray Wallace discovered so-called original footprints near Bluff Creek in Northern California, in 1958. However, after his death, in 2002, his children revealed it was all a joke.
Johnny Gosch’s abduction

While on his morning newspaper’s run, on September 5, 1982, Johnny Gosch, age of 12, disappeared without the trace. Considering there was no evidence or leads, this case went cold and was never solved, which triggered numerous conspiracy theories.Some believe he was abducted and held in a basement, while others think Johnny Gosch is a White House reporter Jeff Gannon.