100.00$ To Amazon

Did you believe this would ever happen? I sure did hope it would, but I had no idea that it would come so soon. All of us bloggers hope that something like this will happen to us, but only rarely do dreams really come true. In my case, success that I was hoping and praying for came to me unexpectedly one morning while I was opening my emails. If you followed my work for a while you know precisely what I am talking about. So, I said I would. When I got to 100 email addresses in my possession (laughs evil laugh), I would giveaway something badass.

Yesterday was EPIC. Not only did I get to 105 email subscribers, it was the BUSIEST day on my blog ever. I pay credit to the Humor Blog Hop. Have you checked it out? It’s full of hilarious people!

Another thing happened as well. A new blog appeared on the hop– they call themselves the Blog Snipers. They hit me. Their whole blog (which isn’t much) is simply taking aim at other blogs. Making fun of them, etc.

It’s kinda clever.

They definitely ride the fine line of cruel and witty. You guys tripped that line with me, but I’m a good sport.

But listen up you two whackjobs: you creep me out that you found that photo of me. If I wasn’t a sucker for crime shows, I’d take you to town. And if you’re gonna make fun of design, change your font damnit. Dial down the dialect. Okay I’m done. And may I put a few hit requests in myself?


Onto the awesome! I’m going to run this party for a week. I’m giving away $100.00 gift card to Amazon. A bunch of you voted and despite the fact that “my three kids for a week” is worth like $56,986.09, you guys went el cheapo and voted for the gift card.

Good call.

All ya have to do is spread me like butta on Twitter, throw me a thumb on Facebook (I wasn’t witty enough to think of that– my brother Dave did), or yammer on in the comments. You can come back once a day and fill ‘er up with entries. I’ll pick someone and just like that, I’ll be $100.00 poorer.

All because of you people.

Thanks for making me part of your daily routine. I appreciate it tremendously.

It’s why I blog.