My Mother’s Advice That I Still Use To This Day

There are many pieces of advice that I got from my mother growing up. Now that she is no longer among us, I remember her words almost daily. She was a beautiful, smart, strong, independent woman, who taught me the right from wrong, who gave me life and left a trace on my soul and who I am as a person. This is why it should not come as a surprise that I still use my mother’s advice to this day.

“Always Smile”

“Even when you not feel like it” she said, and I just stared at her with my big childish eyes. The naïveté that laid inside my soul spoke “but if you don’t feel like it, should you not show it?” “No” she said, “because there are people who are just waiting for your moment of weakness”, and once again as many times before she was completely right. This is why I smile to this day. I might be tired, I might be moody, I might be sad, but I will smile. Within the privacy of my own home I show my true feelings, but at work, in the supermarket, no one should think that I was being rude or not in a good mood.

“Prepare Your Clothes”

Okay, this practical advice saved me through a lot of trouble, especially when I was actively hunting for a job. I always have one set prepared that is there in case anyone calls, anything happens or I have to unexpectedly have any kind of meeting. It is great to know that you do not have to spend hours in front of the mirror or to iron your clothes, but you have one prepared just in case.

“Wash Your Face”

My late mother is the reason why at 34 years old I still have no wrinkles. It might have something to do with genetics as well, but I religiously listen to her advice and wash my face whenever I can. I take off my makeup with natural oils, and leave the face to be dry without a towel.