My Personal Story Of Anxiety And Depression

Fighting anxiety and depression is one of the worse experiences that anyone can go through. If it is possible not to go through it, it will take a lot of worry of your hands, but unfortunately, we cannot choose the battles in life that we must go through.

For me, anxiety and depression, crept in on me when I was least expecting it. There was no pivotal moment in which everything changed for me, no sudden stress or changes that led to it. Instead, it looked like a downward spiral that kept swirling down and dragging me with it.

I first noticed something was off when I would find myself crying for no reason. Like many other women, I attributed it to PMS or something similar, but the root of my problem was a lot deeper. My husband soon noticed that my eating habits changed, as did my weight. Out of fear that he would insult me, he was really gentle about it, suggesting that my weight was slightly going up. However, that escalated quickly, ending with me in tears and him completely puzzled about what was going on.

Lack of energy – impossible to relax

In months to come, I noticed, as did those around me, that I lacked energy. I was sleeping too much, eating too much and not getting enough exercise. From time to time, I would experience something of a panic attack, and I could not get rid of the anxious thoughts that riddled my daily life and made it impossible for me to relax.

As time went by, it was clear that I was going through this dreadful phase in my life, and everyone was hoping that I would just miraculously snap out of it one day, but that is not how it goes. My dear friend Ann realized that I needed professional help and arranged for us to have a cup of coffee with her friend who is a psychologist, so even though it was an intervention, it certainly did not seem that way. Spontaneously, we arranged a meeting, and I was able to work on my issues with a professional. I would be forever in debt to my dear friend Ann for helping me realize I had a problem and gently guiding me down a path of resolving it.