DIY Fish Bait: What To Do When You Have No Worms?

Fishing involves the preparation of the baits and one thing that some people don’t know is that you do not have to use worms necessary. While dolphin lures make things easier, don’t worry as we have prepared a small guide on how you can make it without the professional plastic lures and baits.

If you get yourself in the situation when you do not have worms, just take a look at this guide and you will be able to DIY, without spending money. All these ingredients can be found in your kitchen or refrigerator.

Use pieces of bread or even raw bacon

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Fish like smelly food and if you have stale bread, this is a perfect choice! The staler it is, the better it is as fish do really like smelly food! Even if it has mold, don’t worry, it will be good. Take one piece of bread and put it on the hook but make sure it covers the entire hook as fish won’t bite if notice something other than the food. Alternatively, you can use raw bacon as well. Again, make sure you wrap it around tightly so it stays firm and in the place.

Canned corn

Canned corn is also a great, inexpensive, food that you can use as bait since fish like corn. Since corn is small, you will have to use several kernels on the hook so you could mask it properly. Do not boil it or add salt or use anything, just take it raw from the can and attach it.

The goal is to mask the hook so make sure you align it well so there is no parts of the hook that are visible, otherwise you won’t catch anything at all.

Turkey livers

The best thing you can use from your home as a bait is the turkey liver since this is meat and you can easily catch some larger fish like catfish for example. The key thing is that the liver stays bloody as blood will attract fish.

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Alternatively, you can use chicken liver but it is a fact that turkey liver works better than the chicken ones. Also, the staler it is, the better as, again as we said, fish like smelly food. You can cut it in pieces and have several baits as one small piece is enough.


If you go to the shallower water, then you really do not need the plastic lures that are sold at the not so cheap prices. One thing you can do and that you probably have in your kitchen are biscuits. What you can do is to take several of these, crush them in powder and add water. Mixt everything up till you get nice and compact mass. Make small balls that you can attach to the hooks and you are good to go. Also, you can add liver, corn or anything you want in the mix to make it more tempting.