Buying An Engagement Ring On A Budget

Buying an engagement ring can be a stressful experience. There are a lot of factors you need to consider before you make a final decision. For instance, cut quality, shape, as well as the clarity of a diamond can make a significant difference. Additional features such as fluorescence, sizing, and diamond shape are only some of the things that can make your head hurt.

Unfortunately, the majority of engagement ring tips you read aren’t constructive because they are focusing on vague suggestions, instead of offering your practical solutions.

Moreover, you won’t need a metal detector to know whether some ring is good or not.However, you do need to have some experience, to avoid making a mistake. Therefore, we are going to help you choose an engagement ring for your fiancée, so when you pop the question, it will be much sweeter.

Set up a budget

Among numerous engagement ring shopping tips, you’ve probably heard that you need to spend at least three months of your salary on an engagement ring. Also, many say that price determines the ring quality.

Engagement Ring On Table
New Clean Engagement Ring

Therefore, you shouldn’t follow specific “rules,” considering most of the prices and rules regarding engagement rings are gimmicks and created by diamond marketers. On the other hand, you should set up your own budget and review your financial situation, along with the specific desires your fiancée may have.
Getting married and starting a new life might be a costly process. Therefore, you should buy an engagement ring you can afford, instead of following old and outdated rules.

Consider your fiancée’s style

The next step involves your fiancé’s style and preferences. For instance, you could inspect her jewelry and try to notice a pattern. For example, does she love a modern design or vintage pieces? Moreover, you can peak into her closing as well as an accessory box to get an insight.

Based on her clothes, you can determine the style. If your fiancée likes wearing flora and vintage dresses, then you can give her a ring with ornaments. On the other hand, if her style is sleek and sharp then the platinum beveled ring will do the trick.Alternatively, you could talk to her friends and family to try to determine her style.

Decide what shape you want to pick

Holding Hands After Engagement
Showing Engagement Ring

The shape is one of the first things you should choose, and it mostly comes down to personal preference. You can select anything from oval designs to heart-shaped rings, considering there is a shape for every personality.While some women prefer traditional looks like round brilliant rings or cushion ring, others choose pear shaped rings.

Pay attention to metal

There are four main types of materials used to make engagement rings. They include white gold, platinum, rose gold, and yellow gold. First of all, you should opt for a color that complements your partner’s style.For instance, if she prefers silver jewelry, then you can navigate towards white gold or platinum. Additionally, white gold is less expensive, so you will be able to find some beautiful pieces at an affordable price.