7 Worldwide Countries You Have To Visit In Your Lifetime

Travel is always fun and it always gives you something new that enriches your knowledge. Of course, traveling with kids is a bit harder, but if you are solo, or you have a partner, there is nothing that can stop you. Sell your home with columbus company and start the world-wide trip to gain more experience and grow culturally! There is nothing that can fulfill your batteries like traveling. Let’s see 10 countries you have to visit during your life.


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Exploring New Places

One of the best countries to live in! Beautiful beaches, rich culture and friendly and open-minded people are just some of the things that you will experience in this country! Sydney, Brisbane and Perth are the top cities you must visit! Play with kangaroos as well!


Always sunny-country is the most beautiful country where you can experience the rich culture, flamenco, all-night dancing and fantastic Mallorca island! When you arrive in Spain, do not forget to step into Barcelona and Madrid, but also do not underestimate Andalusia, which is a unique part of Spain! There is a whole different atmosphere that adds a whole new level of mystic feeling!


If you are a fan of ancient history and remarkable architecture, Greece is the place to go! But, besides the architecture and mythical stories and legends, do not forget to go to Santorini, Corfu or Thasos. These islands are something that will capture your soul and you will want to stay there forever! The Aegean Sea and Mediterranean cuisine are the perfect combinations!

South Africa

Everyone heard of Kruger National Park in SA and this country must be on your milestone list! Cape Town is one of the most stunning cities, with beautiful landscapes and beaches! You can try safari, visit the Kalahari desert or taste the superb wines that you cannot find anywhere else in the world! Learn they unique accent and feel like South African!


The heart of Europe and the primary center of European culture will enchant you with the medieval architecture and Danube! Not to mention the Alps! Visit Salzburg, Hallstatt, Linz and take a few days of tour in Vienna. Vienna is the heart of Austria and every time you go there, you will want to come back and visit it again!


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This is the Middle-Eastern artery that offers an authentic feeling! Turkey has been one of the best countries to visit for a long time, not only because of the beautiful sea and beaches but also because of the warm-hearted people who are friendly and want to give you the best experience and enjoyment!


If you are a fan of the archipelago, the Philippines is the country that you must visit! The beaches, fantastic food, warm climate and friendly people will make you want to come back! Enjoy the beautiful corals through the snorkeling, or enjoy the magnificent terraces where you can sit the whole day and enjoy nature!